Acacia Wood 5" Round Dip Bowl
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Acacia Wood 5" Round Dip Bowl

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Handcrafted from one solid piece of sustainably harvested acacia hardwood, each plate has its own unique look with a naturally colored wood grain. Each piece is like its own work of sculptured art!

Acaciaware is made from acacia wood which is a hard wood with a tight grain. This superior material makes our wooden serving bowls resistant to water penetration, stains, and odors.

Completely food-safe for both hot and cold appetizers or entrees. A food-safe finish makes our acacia wood more durable and long-lasting than bamboo or other glued and pieced-together woodenware that can fall apart with use. Simply wash the item with warm soapy water and air dry. If your acacia wood tray ever appears dry, treat it with mineral oil and the grain will be restored to its original beautiful condition.

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