Monogrammed Bar Glasses
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Monogrammed Bar Glasses

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Set of 4 monogrammed bar glasses.
Using a wheel engraving technique that dates back to the 16th century, each glass is engraved with your three letter monogram.  The 13- ounce glasses each measure 4.25" high.  You will notice when you receive the glasses that the monogram is beautifully cut into the glass, not just etched onto the surface like some glassware.
Once you place your order, please email the monogram desired to and please provide
1. your order number
2. your name and telephone number in case we have any questions
3. the monogram desired in this format:  mRc - lower - upper - lower
(this will indicate to us that the first initial is M like Matthew, the last name initial is R like Robertson, and the middle name initial is C as in Christopher)
These glasses make great gift ideas for
  • Father's Day gift ideas
  • Birthday gift ideas for men
  • Groomsmen's gift ideas
  • Gift for the Bride & Groom

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